Bag Includes:
1 Karibee Rice 2kg
1 Nutrimix Flour 2kg
1 Salt 400g
1 Miran Sugar 900g
1 Dairy Daily Powdered Milk 225g
Potatoes 5Lbs.
Onions 3Lbs.
2 Oba Macaroni 400g
1 Cooks Mate Oats 454g
1 Lentils 400g
1 Split Peas 400g
1 Red Beans 400g
1 Black Eye Peas 400g
2 Fresh Hawest Processed Pigeon Peas ‘Hn ISoz
1 Somerset Peas & Carrots Tin 425g
1 Madresol Cooking Oil 900g
1 Grace Tuna Flakes 142g
1 Rosemont Chicken Sausage 105g
1 Catelli Ketchup 750ml
1 Bermudez Crix Pack of 3
1 Box Red Rose Tea Bags 20’s
1 Turbo Benny Chocolate Mix 200g
1 Snuggle Toilet Paper 6 Pack
1 Colgate Tripple Action Toothpaste 2.5oz
1 Quix Dishwashing Liquid 750ml
1 Fire Bright Laundry Detergent 900g
1 Medi Max Anti-Bacterial Soap 3 x 110g

ImportantKindly indicate any special requests in the shopping notes at check out.

Thank you for helping a family in need.


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